Pasadena Ski & Nature Park

Pasadena Ski & Nature Park

(709) 686-5515

PO Box 209

Pasadena, NL

A0L 1K0

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Membership Survey Results 2018 and upcoming AGM

Our chalet is closed now that the ski season is finished.  Our hiking and nature trails are open from sunrise to sunset, but use them at your own risk. 


We ask that you do not walk your pets on our nature trails. IF you insist, then please keep your pet on a leash, and use poop-and-scoop bags that you dispose of back at your pet's home.  Pet poop spreads diseases that can kill wild animals and birds.


Please respect the forest home

of our plants, animals, and birds. 

This is a nature park. 

Our town has a separate dog park in the area of William Seaward Park off Main Street.