Our snowshoe trails meander through a mixed forest of fir, spruce, birch, and maple. Streams and wet areas with interesting plants, ferns, and moss in summer and fall become snowy features in a quiet winter wonderland.

Our “You are here” map signs keep you on track at intersections. Trails are flagged with ribbon as well. Please take a trail map with you to ensure you are always aware of your location. This is important if an emergency occurs, and you must be located. A simple emergency whistle in your pocket will work when cell phones do not. Snowflake Loop is 2.5 km in length. It begins and ends near the lodge. It is a pleasant outing, climbing gently through varied terrain and brings you back to where you started. You are back at the chalet for hot chocolate and a warm fire before your toes get cold.

Finlay’s Trail begins about halfway around Snowflake. It is 4 km long and makes a high arc as it climbs the mountain. It runs parallel to, or crosses, the ski trails at several points. The firepit is along the way and is a popular stop to enjoy a cup of tea. Bring a thermos and enjoy. The full Finlay outing is about 5 to 5.5 km. Finlay rejoins Snowflake for the last ~400 meters and you return to the start of the snowshoe trails near the chalet.


Note that the kilometer signs mark the Finlay trail in both directions.


Wally’s Route, our newest, connects 2 points on Finlay. Refer to the trail map for the exact location.

Quick Info

  • Level Easy
  • Duration 2-5 hours
  • Age 15-25



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