Our nature series

The PSNP Trails are situated in a re-growth boreal forest typical of western Newfoundland and the Humber Valley. Trees and shrubs are the immediately most observable features, but the forest is much more than just trees. Upon closer observation a host of life including plants, animals, birds, fungi, insects, and many more, share the forest with the trees. A few of these are detrimental to the trees, but most are beneficial in complex ways, some like fungi are even critical to the healthy growth and survival of the forest.

Our skiing, snowshoeing and walking trails are ideally situated for healthy outdoor exercise and activities, but they are also a window into one of our most important ecosystems of the province. They abound with myriads of living inhabitants , a mass of interacting diverse creatures that make their homes among the trees.

Travel our trails quietly and enjoy what nature has to offer. It is almost certain that your experience will draw you back again. Nature really does call if you just take the time to listen!”