Looper Run

Named after the forest insect of the same name, the Looper Run was the first trail developed by the ski club. This is an excellent intermediate trail that runs counter-clockwise for 2.5 kilometers and connects with all the other trails at various points. After the first bend, one of our many Owl Houses can be seen in a large spruce tree on the left-hand side. Further along the path there is a small climb up to a resting area. From here you can enjoy a unique view of Deer Lake and the surrounding mountains. Continuing up the hill and around the bend, the trail slopes downward providing a nice glide back to the chalet. This area is great for practicing your skate skiing and is also maintained for our summer nature trail interpretative program, hiking, and mountain biking.



Only 1 kilometer in length, this trail is great for beginners. Located close to the chalet, it is a gentle, rolling landscape allowing users to develop their skiing techniques. Night skiing is supported with the addition of trail lighting.

Lone Pine

The splendor of a lone, stately pine inspired this trail’s name. Designed with novice skiers in mind, it is experienced as a counter-clockwise route and is approximately 2.5 kilometers in length. After climbing a small grade to the top of the rolling hill at the turn, you will be rewarded with a smooth downhill glide for most of the way back. Like the Looper Run, maintenance is provided in the summer for the nature trail interpretative program, hiking, and mountain biking.

lone pine
long ski run


If you enjoy a challenging slope with a few hills along the way, and some beautiful scenery this 3.0-kilometer run is what you are looking for. You will find the famous cook up spot located under the large yellow birch tree near the shortcut, which connects to the Lone Pine Trail. This trail is named for several standing dead pines that resemble totem poles. There is an abundance of huge yellow birch, which is also known as witch hazel.



The Pine Marten trail is aptly named after the endangered animal that is occasionally spotted here. The Pine Marten can be seen bounding through the snow looking for food or climbing a tree for a quizzical look at the strangers passing by on their skis. Another 3 kilometer run through the forest will challenge the intermediate skier on its rolling hills. A brief skate or stride to the top of the grade around the middle of the run will turn into another glide down to meet with the Looper Run and back to the chalet to warm up at the fire.



This intermediate trail is 5 kilometers long and is named after the native Caribou, which is occasionally seen in the area. On a sunny day you can take pleasure in a splendid view of the North Harbour Valley and the Long Range Mountains. Caribou can be accessed at different points from 3 other trails. Caribou starts halfway round Lone Pine, at ~3.5 km it connects to Twisted, and at the 5 km endpoint is at Marten. This trail is a favorite of the Canada Jay, Pine Grosbeaks and Crossbills.